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    I  bogged  down  in  the  quagmire  of  the  huge  loss  of  the  Japanese  electronics  giant,  in  the  traditional  industries  have  to  face  shrinking  market  at  the  same  time,  looking  for new  profit  growth  point  of  subject,  the  medical  device  market  is  one  of  the  main  direction.

    April 16th, SONY and OLYMPUS jointly announced the establishment of SONY OLYMPUS medical solutions. The new company registered capital of 50 million yen, owned by SONY 51%, OLYMPUS holding 49% lens optical technology and technology of OLYMPUS aims to integrate SONY in digital imaging and other electronics and medical products in the field of manufacturing and research experience, engaged in innovative medical product development, design, production and marketing.

    Coincidentally, in April 17 ~ 19 day held sixty-ninth Shenzhen China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), the "First Financial Daily" the reporter noted, Canon, Matsushita, Fuji film and other traditional Japanese electronics giant medical system products have appeared to launch innovative medical products.

    SONY join hands with OLYMPUS to enter the medical market, precisely because of the limited growth of traditional electronic business space, while the medical sector has continued to grow in the market space." A Shenzhen analyst familiar with the global medical market, told this newspaper.

    April 17th on CMEF, Matsushita Health Medical Devices Co., Ltd., said a minister, Panasonic may sell part of the equity of the medical business to introduce new cooperative investors.

    The same is in the current CMEF, Fuji film medical systems launched a total of 4 digital X-ray photography system, the new tablet China HD endoscope treatment system and a new acquiring company R & D American sonosite portable ultrasound. Fuji film (China) Investment Co., vice president of medical service of the Department of the minister Tada Masahiro said that the next few years Fuji film medical systems will continue to expand its business in China to focus on the development and treatment of diseases of lesions were found on the investment and promotion of new products. Public information, Fuji film 2011 fiscal year total sales of approximately $27 billion 790 million, operating profit of approximately $1 billion 430 million, of which health care business accounted for revenues have been as high as 13.2%.

    From 2001 to 2009, global medical device market sales increased from $355 billion 300 million to $187 billion, compound growth rate of 8.35%. 2012, China's medical device market size of about 150 billion yuan, nearly 10 years CAGR of 21.3%.

    The analyst pointed out that, compared with the European and American medical equipment giant, leading electronics, image processing technology in the world in Japan, which also laid the traditional Japanese electronics giant core strengths in the field of medical imaging and medical diagnosis.

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